Flood Affected Animals Not Forgotten

The International Fund for Animal Welfare would like to offer treatment to the flood affected animals of the region.

We spoke with Tania Duratovic from International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Baby koala Cassey. She is 415g. She was found on the side of the road and is still in care.
Advice, treament and support, will be FREE for animals with flood related injuries while the International Fund for Animal Welfare Vet is in the region.
Bob, a baby galah found with a damaged wing - released.
An eastern grey kangaroo - Max was found (just under 1kg) in deceased mum's pouch. Still in care-to be released in 2 months.
If you find animals, both domestic and wildlife, that have been impacted by the floods, please call Wildlifes Welfare Carers for more information on 0417 070 337.
Jack, a carpet python found on a building site with an injury to his jaw. He has been released.

Wildlife’s Welfare Carers Inc. is a 24hr/7day a week volunteer organisation. We rescue all Australian Native animals, such as Bettong, Koala, Magpies, Kookaburras, Echidna, Possum, Kangaroo, Birds of Prey, Flying Fox. Wildlife’s Welfare Carers cover the Darling Downs and Surrounding areas.

If you find an injuried animal please keep them warm, dark, and quiet and contact Sonya immediately on 0417 070 337. Please don’t feed or water the animal. If there is a joey in the pouch please don’t pull them out until you have spoken to a carer.

Once the animals are rescued they are assessed by a vet and are placed with  licenced carers. This role is a hard but rewarding one. As there is no funding from the goverment we rely on the kindness of the community through raffles or sauage sizzles. We thank all who donate and help us in this way.

Would you like to sponsor an animal in care?
For more information please call  Sonya on 0417 070 337 or email [email protected]
Would you like to make a donation?
Please call for a list of what you can help us with . Money or items to be raffled are always of assistance. Post: 12 Hamlyn RD Oakey QLD 4401

Phone 4691 2675, 0417 070 337 or email: [email protected]

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