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Hoon Hotline – 13HOON – Operational

The Queensland Police Service’s new hoon hotline – 13 HOON (4666) commenced operation December 13th.

The 13HOON hotline gives the public an easy to remember central contact point to report hoons to Police.

The implementation of the Hoon Hotline enables community members to provide information in relation to hooning activities such as illegal street racing, travelling at high speeds, burnout offences, drifting and rolling road blocks directly to the QPS.

It further provides the opportunity for community members to provide information related to other types of traffic complaints and report traffic related offences.

Non-urgent calls made to the QPS Hoon Hotline will be entered as a QPRIME occurrence.

Trained call takers will answer the call and record details including vehicle registration, vehicle characteristics and location of the illegal activity.

For hooning incidents actually underway, the information obtained by the operator will be forwarded to the designated Police Communications Centre for a response as required.

The Queensland Police Service emphasises that community members should not place themselves at risk to report this anti-social behaviour. If anyone is in immediate danger or it is a life threatening incident, police urge callers to call Triple Zero (000).

Tony Rehn, Crime Prevention Officer

Southern Region, Queensland Police Service

Ph 07 46316755 Fax 07 46153200

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