Lose Your Tools, Lose Your Car = Lose Your Job

The Darling Downs District Crime Prevention unit is working in partnership with Masters Home Improvement Toowoomba to hold a ‘Tradies Breakfast’ on Friday, April 4th to promote “Toolbox Secure – Lose your Tools, Lose your Car = Lose your Job”.

This event aims to educate ‘tradies’ and their apprentices to highlight the value of locking and securing personal property, providing valuable information on crime trends, property identification methods, security strategies and initiatives to safeguard their property over a ‘brekky burger’.

The “Toolbox Secure” project has been running since August 2013 in the Darling Downs and Ipswich Police Districts to promote the importance of locking and securing property targeted by thieves. This was in response to those in the trade industries experiencing theft and loss across the two policing districts.

By holding ‘Tradies Breakfasts’ we can inform and equip tradies with information that will empower them to safeguard their property by locking and securing what’s valuable to them, their tools.

The first of what is hoped will be several ‘Tradies Breakfasts’ for the Toolbox Secure Project in 2014 will be held at Masters Home Improvement at 6.30am this Friday 4th April.

Submitted by:
Senior Constable Leigh James
Crime Prevention Officer
City and Country Patrol Groups-Toowoomba
Darling Downs District
Phone: 07 4631 6733

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