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Putting Parents In The Picture

Sexual assault, bar-room fights, use of illegal recreational drugs, binge drinking and underage drinking are all issues that teenagers may face but do they know how to react?

This and many other questions will be answered at a special information evening, called `Putting Parents in the Picture’, to be held at Harristown High School on June 22 from 7pm.

Hosted by Shannon Donaldson Province Lawyers, the Queensland Health School Based Youth Health Nurse Team, the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation and Harristown High School, the information evening will help young people and parents become more responsible by being aware of the many pitfalls they may face.

Oakey Youth Health Nurse Chris Coleborn said Putting Parents in the Picture was a unique.

“This program uses a series of authentic but confronting movie scenarios to show how young people can become involved in life altering incidents as a result of poor decision making. The issues presented and discussed include assault, binge drinking and drug use.

“The program was created by Toowoomba solicitors Adair Donaldson and Peter Shannon after years of seeing youth involved in life changing situations. Using their knowledge and experience Adair and Peter believe the program can make a difference in people’s lives.

“Having worked as a youth health nurse for 3 years I believe this program will go a long way toward helping families communicate about youth issues. If this communication starts early at home and is combined with support at school we hope that we can reduce the amount of youth health issues in our community.

“We need people to book so please contact Harristown State High School on 46368770 or Toowoomba State High School on 46371324,” she said. educational program that had been developed in regional Queensland to help communities deal with issues confronting young people.

Submitted by Tony Rehn

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