Salute To Jordan Rice In Song – Save Blake

Music by Barry David Butler – Lyrics by Roger Antony Carter
Performed by Barry D. Butler

Barry D Butler

Barry David Butler hails from Sebring, Florida, USA. He tells us he has been singing and writing songs for many years. Barry tells us “From the moment I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show many moons ago, I was off and running. I was always musical and able to make up melodies. I’ve always written the music and sang my own songs. As a matter of fact, I have never heard another person sing one of my songs and I’ve written over 500. I played in bands in the 1970’s and 1980’s and that was my major source of income.” In the past ten years, Barry has teamed up with lyricist Roger Antony Carter who resides in the United Kingdom. Roger wrote the words to ‘Save Blake” and is continuing to collaborate with Barry on an increasing total of songs.

Barry and Roger request anyone who appreciates or finds inspiration in their song to please donate to the Toowoomba Disaster Appeal or Grantham Flood Support.

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