Side Show Alley Comes To Hospital Kids

For kids in our region, there’s nothing like the thrills of Side Show Alley at Toowoomba Show time. But for some kids, like children in hospital, it’s not possible to get to the Show.

This year the RASQ Toowoomba Show committee is making sure that kids in hospital don’t miss out. Some of the characters from Side Show Alley plus RASQ CEO Damon Phillips will visit the Children’s Ward at the Toowoomba Hospital on Tuesday (27th March 2012), two days before the annual Show starts, to donate sample bags and hand out complimentary passes just in case the kids do get out of hospital and can attend.

RASQ CEO Damon Phillips said it was a great way for the RASQ to put a smile on a sick child’s face. “No-one likes being in hospital when a big event is on like the Royal Toowoomba Show, especially children. This is one way we can brighten up the kid’s day while they’re in hospital by bringing Side Show Alley to them.”

Submitted by
Peter Rookas,
Toowoomba Hospital Foundation
Ph. 4616 6166

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