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Space Pilots’ Model Rocket Launch Saturday May 21st

Saturday 21st May is special for all who are interested in flight, especially in the realm of rocketry …. model rocketry in particular.

Locally, the first 2011 launch of model rockets made by boys (and often their sisters too!) of the Rangeville Community Church’s Space Pilots’ Club is programmed to get under way at the T.A.R.M.A.C field just 10km south of Toowoomba on the New England Highway(on your right, just past “The Mill – The Outlook”) just after 1:30pm.

There are expected to be more than 30 model rockets on show before launching high into the atmosphere to the excited “wow’s” of the watching crowd. Some of the model craft are unusual in that they are not ‘conventional’ !…some have gliders attached and there may well be the odd “2-stage” rocket. After the obligatory countdown five…four…three…two…one…IGNITION!….it is actually the maker of the rocket who gets to push the launch button! WOW ! Oh to be a kid again!

The best thing about those few hours of fun, is that it is all FREE !

Of special significance with this launch afternoon is that, only days ago we heard & saw the launching of what is said to be the last ever launch of the “Endeavour” Space Shuttle….a craft that saw the birth of the International Space Station, flew 116-million miles itself and some 4400 orbits and spent 283 or so days in space….quite a record! Of course, a remaining “Atlantis” shuttle will fly again in July, but it does not lessen the significance of this week in space history ….. short of actual planetary fly-bys and the like!

So…that all said, get a bit of ‘space excitement’ going, leave behind the demands of everyday for a few hours (it’ll still be there when you get back) and come, ENJOY ! Drive into the field to the carpark and be part of this ‘different’ type of activity. Bring a folding chair of course.  There are toilet facilities available….and shelter if you need it. Refreshments are also available.

T.A.R.M.A.C  and the Space Pilots’ Club invite you to  come…enjoy.

Submitted By
Barry Whisson
Launch Co-ordinator

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