Toowoomba Tenpin Bowl Patrol Right Down Kids’ Alley

Toowoomba Tenpin president Nathan Stein will soon be rolling out a new kids bowling program thanks to a grant of $8,375. Mr Stein said the grant would be used to purchase equipment for Bowl Patrol – a national junior tenpin bowling program designed specifically for primary school children.

“Bowl Patrol is a modified version of tenpin bowling, we roll out carpet and the kids learn to bowl from three-quarters down the lane,” Mr Stein said. “As they get better, they move further back. It’s a great way to make learning to bowl fun without using bumpers and without all the balls going in the gutter,” he said.

Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP congratulated the club on using their grant to promote their sport to children.

“It’s great to see a club being proactive and getting kids like Blake, Cody and Shannon involved in their sport,” Mr Janetzki said. The Walker triplets Blake, Cody and Shannon said they liked bowling because it was “fun, enjoyable and you get to knock stuff down”.

Mr Stein said the club would also implement the Roll ‘n’ Strike tenpin bowling programs in schools across the Darling Downs and for accreditation of extra volunteers needed to run the new programs. “We have a great club. Our youngest members are kids as young as three through to our oldest league bowler who is in his late 80s,” Mr Stein said.

“In Australia bowling is a very small sport so there is a bit of a struggle to get it recognised as a sport rather than just a recreational activity,” he said. “Actually the number one bowling in the world is Australian Jason Belmonte – he makes his living competing in pro tours in America and Japan.”

A total of nine organisations in Toowoomba South received grants totalling almost $185,000 in the latest round of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Toowoomba South grant recipients:

  • Downs Rugby Ltd – $6780 – purchase equipment and coach course fees
  • Drug Arm Toowoomba – $33,740 – purchase motor vehicle
  • Endeavour Foundation Ramsay Accommodation Support – $34, 371 – renovate bathroom
  • Golden West Tenpin Bowling – $8375 – purchase equipment
  • Hope Horizons – $3704 – purchase equipment
  • Multicap Toowoomba Hub – $16, 729 – upgrade kitchen
  • Toowoomba Valleys Rugby League Club – $15,970 – upgrade facility
  • Turbo Jets Swim Club – $34, 780 – upgrade facility
  • Toowoomba and District Woodcrafters Inc – $30,005 – purchase woodworking equipment and a shipping container

Submitted by:
Lacey Maguire
Media Adviser
Office of David Janetzki MP
Member for Toowoomba South
Email: [email protected]

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