State Rose Garden Award Wins Award

Queensland State Rose Garden, Toowoomba has received an International Award for Garden Excellence
at the recent World Federation of Rose Societies Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark – one of only seven awards presented.

More than 600 people from 40 countries attended the Conference which is held every three years in a different country.

Twelve months prior to the conference, nominations were received from countries around the world. Strict criteria, in particular, to improve the public’s knowledge in all matters concerning the rose, garden design, development , maintenance, display, signage, open to the public, and assisting with the preservation of the genus, is required. A story needed to be written , a three minute video produced and most importantly be nominated by a reputable Rosarian.

Queensland State Rose Garden is fortunate to have dedicated members of the Friends of Queensland’s State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc. who have worked tirelessly over eighteen years to develop the gardens, and fulfil the initial dreams of three notable business men.

Members have raised money from events, businesses in Toowoomba and been donated in kind help. A booklet was produced outlining the achievements (This can be viewed on the Qld State Rose Garden website), a video was produced (thanks to Toowoomba Regional Council for their assistance and expertise).

Fortunately one of the members, the late Rod Hultgren, was acquainted with Mr Paul Hains (President, National Rose Society of Australia and President, The Queensland Rose Society) who worked with Rod over the years suggesting new plantings and collections. It was Paul Hains who nominated Queensland State Rose Garden for the Award. When the nominations were presented at Conference and the videos viewed, Paul Hains spoke at length why our garden should receive an Award. Only seven Gardens won votes to receive the Award.

This International Award will benefit the Toowoomba Region greatly, especially in tourism, making it one more reason for people to visit Toowoomba and stay longer. Brisbane is hosting the National Rose Championships October 6 &7 this year where most Australian Rosarians will attend. It is now planned to organise a bus trip to Toowoomba on Monday 8th October to view the gardens. Hopefully, the plaque will be available for unveiling as it comes from Italy and is not usually available for 12 months.

Also, Queensland State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc. Members and Toowoomba Regional Council Parks and Recreation staff are holding the yearly Rose Pruning Demonstration Saturday 4th August at the Rose Garden in Newtown Park from 8:30am to 10:30am followed by a tour of the park. The public are welcome and encouraged to attend, at no cost, to learn the latest in rose care.

The Rose Garden belongs to all Toowoomba Regional Council residents – enjoy it, protect it from vandals, report any problems, do not pick the roses – leave them for all to enjoy and photograph and share with visitors to Toowoomba . The Gardens bloom from October to June each year.

Congratulations to the small band of Rose lovers who have worked to make this happen for the city at a minimal cost to rate payers.

Submitted by:
Regina Albion
Friends of Qld State Rose Garden Inc.

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