Alive2drive @25 Launches In Toowoomba

Young people aged 17-25 represent less than 15% of the population yet account for over 25% of all deaths and injuries on our roads. Almost 30% of deaths within this age group are as a direct result of a motor vehicle crash with young men accounting for over 70% of these.

The time is right for community leaders from all areas, including those from the private sector, government, police, educators, business, emergency services, trainers and service groups to come together on this issue to make a real difference.
alive2drive-logo.pngThe Alive2Drive Program is not just about up-skilling young drivers, it is an inclusive approach targeting attitudes, skills, education, mentorship, trauma support and community ownership. The fact that it is simulator based means we can start legally at the earliest age without sacrificing safety or integrity of the program.

The high end simulation based solution is focused on enabling our youth to start to learn to properly operate a vehicle from as young as 14. By utilising simulators we can begin the training legally and in total safety.

Learners can be placed into risk situations which they must manage but without threat to their safety, that of the vehicle or the environment in which they are operating. They are then able to practice these skills over and over until they become instinctive. This is not possible with any other learning system.

Contact us and volunteer to work, donate time or money, or just get more info.

The Alive2Drive program is not just about up skilling young drivers, it is a holistic approach targeting attitudes, skills, practical understanding, mentorship, trauma support and community ownership.

Let us all get involved in protecting the precious lives of our Young Adults – Our Future.

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